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Lawrence Monroe Classic Art captures breathtaking images of people's facial features and their expressions. His stunning artwork portraits, focuses on capturing likeness and facial expressions of people.

 My charcoal drawings are 24"x 36" on paper. I am an experienced portrait caricature artist. Most of the drawings on my website are black and white, and some are in color. I am available for drawing portraits from photographs and at special events. For example, corporate parties, Weddings, and Family gatherings.

      I have been drawing ever since I was a kid. I started by copying popular cartoon characters like the Flintstones and Popeye. When I was in middle school, I attended a private Art School Center for gifted art students. The Art School Center was a fun place to be. This place had talented people, with impressive art portfolios. Later on, when I attended Fremont High School, I did some artwork for money. After I finished high school, I enrolled in Alameda Community College. Years later, when I was attending Laney Community College, one of my paintings was chosen to be exhibited in the Student Gallery Art Show.  

    My artwork has been displayed in two different Art Galleries, and a Company's Corporate Office. I have sold some of my artwork.

If you would like me to draw portraits of you and your family, go to my contact page and call me or send me an email.

                  Thank you.

My collection of series drawings includes, Legendary Jazz Singers from the Harlem Reminiscence era, Historical African American Leaders, Sports Legends from varies leagues, Iconic Motown Legends, and President Barack Obama's Inauguration. All drawings are 28" x 40" Original Charcoal drawings on paper.

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